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Dog Walking 

Free Run Group Hikes- Start at $ 30/ hike. Hikes go out Monday through Friday. Maximum 6 - 7 dogs/ free run hike. 

Minimum 2 days a week required, 3 is recommended. To qualify for the $ 30/ hike rate, hikes must be scheduled at a minimum of 2/ week on a regular basis with a maximum of one or less cancellation per month.

Prior to going on off leash pack hikes your dog must go on a minimum of three private walks for evaluation and for a mutual "get to know you" process.

To qualify for the off leash/free run pack hike at the $ 30/ hike price point your dog must:

1.       Be under voice control. This means that when you give a recall command your dog responds affirmatively 80-100% of the time on the first call, even with distractions. When you give a cease and desist command your dog responds affirmatively 80-100% of the time on the first call even with distractions.
2.       Be fully up to date on all shots and vaccinations.
3.       Have no known leash reactivity, aggression or guarding issues (space food or toys).
4.       Be calm and relaxed in a small space with other dogs for riding in a vehicle.
5.       Get along with other dogs.
6.       Be friendly or indifferent to ALL people. No exceptions. This means no “stranger- danger” barking.
7.       Have no history of biting other dogs or people.
8.       It is preferred that your dog is spayed or neutered.
9.       Has low prey drive, or very good impulse control.
10.     Be well socialized and familiar with and relaxed in the human world. Not reactive to strange things.


Your dog really doesn't know any commands, but knows it's name, and generally will stay by the handler on his or her own and does not wander away, chase other dogs or get into trouble.

Dogs can be considered at a higher price point who need work on sharpening recall or cease and desist commands, assistance in getting used to the human world, or getting used to riding in the vehicle with other dogs.

If your dog has leash reactivity or aggression issues of any kind, private walks are available. Private walks can be utilized to address and correct issues that are problematic in group walks. Private walks can also simply be an alternative to group walks with no corrections needed.

Private walks- Start at $ 40/walk. $10/ for first additional dog per household. If there are more than two dogs, we discuss the rate. Approximately 1/2 hour, these are typically leashed neighborhood walks.  Longer private walks are available if needed and requested. Pricing will vary.

Training walks-  $ 45 for 1/2 hour leashed walk with a specific training objective in mind (sit, stay, come heel etc. Circus tricks are an option if you are interested in that).

Group leashed walks- Currently there are no regularly scheduled leashed group walks. If you are interested in this service, please let me know as we are building a list of interested clients. Leashed group walks are an hour long and 
$ 30/ walk.

All walks include basic obedience reinforcement, towel and hose as needed, water refresh, administer medication if needed.

"Drop by" Dog Walks on an as needed basis

$ 40 for drop-ins. Approximately 1/2 hour visit includes a leashed walk, feeding, and medication administration if needed.

Cat Care and Other Critters

$ 35/ visit 

Approximately 1/2 hour visit. Includes feeding, water, medication administration or care. Affectionate contact for animals who like it.  

All services are + $10 for Saturday and Sunday service

Holiday service + $25

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