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Testimonials and Clients

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Sharon F., Sue G., and Marco, El Cerrito, CA, May 2015

Kaellyn is a fantastic dog walker and our dog Marco loves his time with her! She masterfully figured out his personality quickly and as a result has structured his walks to bring out the best in him. He gets great social time with the other dogs in her care and comes back happy and tired. She is an excellent communicator and is flexible. We trust her fully!

Samantha S., Zeon C., and Sakura, Berkeley, CA, September 2014

Kaellyn has been walking my dog for over a year now, and I could not be more pleased. I have a very sweet but very stubborn older Shiba Inu with quite a few quirks so I can't just hand her off to anyone. Luckily Kaellyn is very patient and has lots of experience, and above all she genuinely cares about my dog. She always leaves a note of how the walk went and details about any out of the ordinary behavior I should know about, this is especially important since my dog has a history of seizures. The other great thing about Kaellyn is that she is very accommodating with scheduling. The times I have had to make last minute changes she has always tried fit me into her schedule if possible.

Sandy N., Elisse N., Jimmy and Chomsky, Oakland, CA, October 2013

We have two very happy pooches thanks to Kaellyn's dog walking services. Her reliability, flexibility and genuine care for our dogs is unmatched. We have two French bull dogs who each have different needs and Kaellyn is able to meet both of these with care and confidence. She is attentive and seems to have an uncanny ability to understand our dogs. Every day we come home after she walks them, they are happy and content. I can't express enough how much I trust her with my dogs

Marissa B., Riley and Zander, Oakland, CA, October 2013

I feel so lucky to have found Kaellyn. She came into our lives at a time of big transition. My boyfriend and I had just taken a big step and added a new puppy, little Riley, to our family. He joined 3-year-old Zander who has been with me since we was 8 weeks old. Just a month after getting Riley, I got a new job that had me commuting. Riley was taking longer to potty train and needing much more repetition and consistency than Zander had required. The new puppy thing was harder than I remembered. It was important to me to find someone who would really keep up the routines we'd set with the pups, be consistent with training and really give them a lot of love. Plus, I was feeling overwhelmed, sad to be leaving them and in need of someone I could put my faith in. Kaellyn was it. She came over to meet them and demonstrated such ease, authority, love and was like she'd known them forever. In the months since she's been taking care of them, they have blossomed. Surprisingly, it is Zander who has benefited the most from her presence. Kaellyn has worked with him on walks and communicated to me what she was trying so that we could be consistent at home. As a result, Zander has left behind some of his most frustrating behavioral patterns and has become a joy to walk around the neighborhood. Kaellyn has really become a key supporter in our little family. She's been flexible with scheduling and rates and really worked with us in the true sense of the word. We could not recommend her more highly! I know both Zander and Riley would say the same. We love you, Kaellyn!

Whitney K., Phil E., and Rigby, Emeryville, CA, September, 2013

Kaellyn has been an absolute dream to work with since we adopted our Black Lab, Rigby, earlier this year! She is incredibly thorough about keeping us in the loop on his walk activities, how he interacts with other dogs, when he seems more stressed or excited than normal, and in general helping us keep an eye on his transition into our home and his training. She clearly knows her stuff and Rigby just adores her. It really helps me relax during the day when I am at work, and I know Rigby is in good hands.

Allison K., Andrew R., Coee and Chesley, Berkeley, CA, May 2013

Kaellyn has spent multiple days and nights in our house with our two dogs on several occasions when we had to travel without our "kids." It takes a lot to trust someone with that level of responsibility and make them a part of our family and Kaellyn has definitely earned that trust.

She is great with the dogs and not only makes sure they are well-cared for, but also helps reinforce good behavior with them so we don't come back to a bunch of unruly overly spoiled dogs. She is also great about communicating as much or as little as we want, depending on the specific situation, which provides an added level of comfort. I have witnessed on several occasions how excited our dogs are when Kaellyn arrives at the house, and I think that says it all.

Illana P. and Maple Meow, Berkeley, CA, February, 2013

Kaellyn is great with animals! For many years she was my go-to person when I was travelling and needed someone to care for my cat. My cat was not always the easiest “customer” but Kaellyn was able to bond with her right away and I knew that I didn’t have to worry. Upon my return home, my cat always appeared happy and well cared for. Kaellyn also helped out with other things like collecting mail and watering plants, and it was great to return to a happy cat and a happy house. Kaellyn is very reliable and professional. She promptly returns phone calls, and is flexible with scheduling. I highly recommend Kaellyn Moss for any of your pet sitting needs.

Nancy G. and Mackenzy, Berkeley, CA, January 2013

Kaellyn takes such wonderful care of our dog, Mackenzy. Kaellyn is dependable, communicative, and it is very clear that she really cares for our pet. Our schedule is very unpredictable and Kaellyn shows impresive flexiblility and understanding. Kaellyn truly feels like part of the family -- there have been a number of occassions where she came over to our house twice in one day to check up on our dog when she was not feeling well. Reading her notes when I come home at the end of the work day is so helpful. We highly recommend her services!

Wendy J. and Ian, Berkeley, CA, August 2012

I met Kaellyn shortly after adopting my small mixed-breed terrier, who came to me with minimal training.

I love having Kaellyn walk little Ian – she has a genuine love for and interest in Ian’s well-being, and has taken an active role in providing training support, and trying new ways to motivate our stubborn little terrier. Kaellyn appears to have an intuitive understanding of how the doggie brain “operates” and how to gently motivate and encourage him. Kaellyn has wonderful ideas and is continually contributing to Ian’s progress through reinforcement, encouragement and positive feedback – there has been a noticeable difference. Ian is much happier and noticeably calmer on the days that Kaellyn walks him; and it is obvious that he just LOVES Kaellyn!

Having Kaellyn walk Ian regularly has been a true blessing for Dog and Woman – she offers encouragement and support for me, and keeps me on top of doggie and training activities – we will be attending a training class together later this year. I also like that Kaellyn keeps me updated with thoughtful notes about her time with Ian, such as interaction with other dogs (length and quality), response to voice commands, number of poops (!) -- the important things I would never have thought to ask!

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